About Us

- Our Mission -

To make it easy to do organic food trade anywhere.


At BioLinked, we all come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems in organic food market. Organic suppliers (producers, manufactures, exporters and importers) are having troubles to connect directly to business buyers. Costs of attending trade shows, of sales teams, advertising and marketing costs, are often too much for the most of organic suppliers. Business buyers of organic food are having difficulties to find the right products in the right time, or find it even at all.

Our goal at Biolinked is to connect businesses of all sizes with organic suppliers around the world. Today we provide most advanced web platform for food trade in organic sector. We want to give the opportunity to every organic supplier to display his products to potential business clients in any part of the world.

Our Team

Vlatko Markic
founder and CEO at BioLinked
Boris Bakovic
COO at BioLinked
Kruno Bosak
web developer
Rudolf Jozanovic
web developer
Tatjana N. Bukvic
web & graphic designer