Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Details

  • Packaging:
    • Glass Bottle
  • Brand Name:
    • Istarska bjelica-bianchera Olea Prima

Organic extra virgin olive oil “Istarska bjelica-bianchera Olea Prima” from the Stancija Falaš location north of Vodnjan and Male’ location west of Vodnjan is a single cultivar olive oil of the indigenous istarska bjelica variety. It is characterized by a pronounced spiciness and bitterness and is a robust intensity olive oil. It’s a remarkable clear-gold color and has an almond and coniferous plants aroma, and due to its pungency is recommended as a condiment to grilled meat, grilled tuna steak, game, hard and aged cheeses, wild asparagus and chocolate desserts.

Basic Information

  • Product We Sell: Olive Oil
  • Year Company Registered: 2000

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