Colleita No2 White Wine

Product Details

  • Type:
    • White Wine
  • Brand Name:
    • Colleita No2
  • Packaging:
    • Bottle


• Planted in 2008 and 2009

• Located at the ancient site of Eira de Mouros on the slopes and summit of mount San Cibrao in the Avia River valley, in the heart of the Ribeiro region.

• Altitude between 260 and 290 metres

• Total rainfall during the vine-growing season of 1291.6 l/m2

• Rich soils of granite and schist with a clay loam texture.


• Ecological, certified by CRAEGA (Galician Ecoloical Agriculture Regulatory Council) employing abundant biodynamic practices using numerous preparations, extracts and macerations created by ourselves.

• Vines trained using the trellis system, pruned in the single or double Guyot manner.

• Average production per vine: 490g.

• Rainy grape harvest, grapes picked by hand on 25 September 2014, placed in 18kg crates and transferred immediately to the cool chamber for their perfect conservation.


• Wine-making process in steel vat at an average temperature of 15 °C, clarified with use of bentonite during the fermentation process.

• Natural and spontaneous alcoholic and malolactic fermentation.

• Manually pressed using traditional vertical press.

• Fining process through natural decanting.

• Aed for 10 months in vat and a further 3 months in bottle.

• Bottled on 11 September 2015


• Alcohol content 13.8 vol.

• Total acidity 5.7

• Volatile acidity 0.41

• PH 3.48

• Free sulphur dioxide <10

• Total sulphur dioxide 57

Basic Information

  • Product We Sell: Red Wine, White Wine
  • Year Company Registered: 2005

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